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We are a family of 5, three gorgeous daughters, my beautiful wife Monica and myself, Felix. We were all born in Mexico City and lived there up until 1996, when I was promoted to the South Florida Regional offices of one of the largest banks in the world. Adjustment to this wonderful country (USA) was a very tough process, we were hoping people to be more supportive, especially my co-workers, but we learned the hard way that you have to make your own life and depend on no one. A lot of things in the USA are just assumed, people just don't realize how much the country gives to their inhabitants, we found that to be the main difference between Mexico and the USA, most Americans should understand that what they take for granted here is not even thought about in many other countries.

We currently live in Sunrise, a city located about 40 miles north of Miami and about 12 miles west of Fort Lauderdale.

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Boxers are known to be excellent for children, their patience and willingness to play (they always behave like a puppy) makes them suitable for the job. They are classified as "working dogs" by most kennel clubs worldwide, but I really haven't found any evidence of them being used as guard, police or hunting dogs. It makes me wonder what were the people that made this classification thinking, possibly never owned a Boxer. At any rate, I love my dogs. Bugsy is 14 years old is a female and she was born in Mexico, she is considered a German Boxer breed. Nicky is 6 years old, a male born in Missouri USA, he is considered an American Boxer breed. I would say that the main difference is in their height and snout shape.

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