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The Kentucky Derby website is of little help in explaining the tradition of wearing hats. But it is a tradition that dates back at least 100 years and shows no sign of dying off anytime soon. The hats tend to be on ladies, although as you can see in the photo to the right, some gentlemen engage in the tradition as well. The hats also tend to have a large brim, which in some cases is so large that it obscures the wearer's vision. LeAnn Rimes wore a hat to the 2009 Kentucky Derby that was so large she had to tilt her head a certain way, just to see. And the hats need not match your outfit. In fact, it seems that anything goes. Whether they are enormous and oddly decorated, or classic and tastefully arranged, any sort of hat is acceptable.

winter hats and scarves We have so much fun with this, and it doesn't cost a lot! You can find a hat that can fit into any budget and fashion sense. It all depends on what you want. As I said before, there are all sorts that you can choose from, though my girls usually pick the shiny, sparkly hats.

Wherever you may choose to go enjoy the fastest two minutes in sports and have a little Bourbon in honor of our Kentucky Bretheren. By the way for those who don't know A Mint Julep is muddled mint, sugar and bourbon. Its a southern version of a mojito just implant bourbon instead of rum.

There are not many occasions for women to wear hats that are like the Derby. This is like a fashion show for hats that women choose to wear either to look sexy, crazy, fashionable, normal, or out of this world. Since the derby attracts global attention there is also quite a bit of culture behind some of the hats.

Whether you have alot of money to spend on a hotel or not you have options for hotels during the Kentucky Derby. If you want to experience Louisville or just want to get in and out for the Kentucky Derby fast then there is a hotel for you.

Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003): The first movie in the Kill Bill series, this film looks at the journey of one woman to kill her ex-lover after he and his kronies beat and leave her for dead. Though less obvious as the other films in it's use of mod design, Kill Bill Volume 1 draws from a mixture of visual influences including mod fashion, Japanese design and comic book heroes. The lead heroine, the bride, wears a very mod simple bright yellow uniform with a black stripe down each side. Other mod influences pop up in scenes where a group of assassins all dress in uniform black suits with black masks, or in the retro pop dresses worn by female band members. Throughout the film, mod influences appear and add to the style that helps make the movie so successful.

Shady trees and the stone and cement foundations are welcome signs that the top was achieved and it allows one to have a sigh of relief. Enjoy the fascinating mixture of raised levels and low levels where the buildings stood and try to see the hotel with its tourists from Los Angeles in their suits and derby Hats enjoying themselves on the wide balcony of the hotel while overlooking the wilderness and city scenes below.

Proper selection of colors and design is all you need to complete your wardrobe for any special occasion such as the Kentucky Derby. Plan how you want to dress up so that you can decide the right design for yourself.

Well, it's indeed amazing to note how Western Style stands as a seamless attention grabber. Simply find a bonnet, some cool boots and a stylish belt and then get ready to get checked out from head to toe. Indeed, it's all about grabbing immediate attention and if you are serious about making an ultimate style statement then putting a fashionable girls cowboy hats can stand as an incredible idea.